Stardoll Hotbuys 2006-2007 : The Story

Hot buys is a long Story Going back to Fall 2006. The first ever hotbuys released were for September 2006.
From then many of these became rare....many became rereleased and some are so hard to find that you can assume that they almost dissapeared throught time!!

Let's SEE all the Hotbuys from 2006-2007 Period

You'll see a diharmony between the title and the releases because in 2007 Stardoll named the hotbuys with the month before they get released, thus e.g APRIL 2007 Hotbuys were actually released in June
It was Later taht stardoll named them with the month they arrive...
Let's Go

September 2006 Hotbuys:

October 2006:
November 2006:
December 2006:
January 2007:
February 2007:
March 2007:
April 2007:
May 2007:
June 2007:

August 2007:
September 2007:
October 2007:

November:Could not find them:

December 2007:

There will be more parts for 2008,2009,2010,2011 ...until the current ones..

Stay tuned..

and that was your lesson for today...

...xoxo MSM  
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