Make Your Stardoll Blog Known - Blog Contest!!

Do you have a good blog but you think it is unoticed?
Do you think your blog deserves to be recognised
Or simply do you have a good blog that wants to partner up with
one of the biggest stardoll blogs?

Here is your Chance:

STEP 1: Leave a Comment with your blogs address.

STEP 2: Add USD somewhere on your sidebar.

That way we will know it is your blog and that you want us to be your media partner!!

Underneath Stardoll
Add the widget code:

 or add directly Underneath Stardoll to Your Blog by clicking this button:

STEP 3: Be sure your blog is getting Updated on the next days cause we will be checking it
DAILY. Your blog has to gets updated regularly with posts.

The WINNER or (WINNERS) will win a ADVERTISMENT/Review POST on Underneath Stardoll and The Voice
 about his/her blog. And will automatically become our media partner for as long as the his/her blog is staying alive.

Your blogs will be judged base on
2.Content (Your posts)

1.There is not limit on the content can be anything(Stardoll related - News, Freebies, Decor, Outfits, Gossip, Magazine etc etc)
2.The language doesn't matter - It can be in any language as long as it is stardoll related!!

Good Luck!!

PS:There might be multiple winners if i like many blogs!!! So the chances are many :)
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