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This week's winner is  123Elle321!

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1. Tell Us little about you
Well first of all, my name is Skye Elle and I'm 16 coming from Vietnam. I like Anime, k-pop, food, sleep and major fangirling. Just a typial asian I guess. I also really love fashion, hoping to start up a real life blog soon but now quite sure if I should.

2. Where did you find out about stardoll and .how long are you playing stardoll?
I found about Stardoll from a friend in 2008, so I've been playing for 4 years. Though I did (unfortunately) forget and "leave" Stardoll for a year or two so I don't know if it counts..

3. What would you like to change about stardoll?
I'd really like to change the overpriced prices the clothes cost these days, they are really unreasonable sometimes. To be quite honest, Stardoll, I think has been really unfair. We pay a lot of money each month and don't really get much SDs. Not only are some prices unreasonable in the Starplaza but don't let me get started on the Starbazaar lol.

4. What do you love about stardoll?
I really love the clothes here, I have a strict budget in real life, only spending money on clothes I love out of my money and mine only so its almost like a nice break. And I do love doing my Doll's face, and mixing different themes in my outfits. It inspires me for outfits in real life. And the creativity here is really outstanding. With Stardesign Jewelry hair to shoes - it's brilliant! Some people here have raw talent that should be recognized outside the internet.

5. What is your secret stardoll talent?
I don't really have a "talent". I do make Pokemons from Stardoll Jewelry ***amples in album) and I try to make my doll as realistic as possible and explore different trends and outfits - is that really a talent? I'm not quite sure..

6. Do you follow all the latest fashion trends?
Hmm.. well I guess in some cases, I do. But I only follow trends if I like them, I don't like wearing something just because its "in" or its something most people wear. Fashion is about pushing the boundaries, I thrive to be different.

7. Describe the perfect day outfit?
Perfect day outfit would be a lovely mint colored skinny jeans (obsessed with mint!) and a tainted pink chiffon blouse with a pretty long cardigan and a bag. For shoes, I'd have to say Jeffrey Campbell lita's would be perfect. But flats would do as well!

8. What is the best make-up for you?
My normal make-up routine is liquid eyeliner, bottom eyeliner only at the ends of the eyes and mascara. I don't wear eyeshadow because with the type of eyes I have (monolids) it doesn't look too good on me. That, or I don't know how to make it look good lol. But I love natural colors that compliment my skin.

9. Tell us 5 must have sunny day items.
Hmmm.. sunglasses of course! Shorts - obviously. I am loving high waisted shorts. Or if you don't feel comfortable wearing shorts, a waterfall skirt would look amazing. Your favorite gorgeous handbag and sandals if you're into them.

10. What do you want to tell to the viewers of your interview.
Well.. I'd like to say - stay true to who you are. I know that's what most people say, but its so important. Life can be so hard, I know that. A lot of things can bring you down, but you must stay strong and real. Speak your mind! Smile! Laugh! Life is so precious and beautiful once you pause and look at it. Don't take it for advantage.


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