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This week's winner is  Sweet_gal11!

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1. Tell Us little about you
Hello! Well my name is Stefan and I am a 13 year old boy from Canada. I love the arts and fashion. I'm in a circus school and I really want to become a circus performer or actor. I'm also obsessed with designing! 

2. Where did you find out about stardoll and .how long are you playing stardoll?
I was playing some random dress-up games and I saw an ad for Stardoll in 2007. I decided to join, and then in 2008 (or 9) my sister changed my pass and then forgot it... I was angry. But I had to come back! I couldn't leave this woundres place! So I created this account. So I guess I've been here for 4 years? And what an amazing 4 years I've had.

3. What would you like to change about stardoll?
I'd really like to change the idea that non-ss are not as stylish or beautiful. I was non-ss for most of my time here, and it was really hard to feel special or beautiful when everyone was telling me otherwise. 

4. What do you love about stardoll?
I love how you can be creative and show your style to do many people around the world. I also love the fact that you can meet people who have the same inrlterests as you from everywhere. I love the creativity of the members and just seeing outfits and dolls that people make.  
5. What is your secret stardoll talent?
I don't know if I really have a "secret" stardoll talent. But I think I'm pretty good at sceneries and outfits.
6. Do you follow all the latest fashion trends?
Hmm. Not usually. I kind of just dress how I want. Lately though, I have been becoming more aware of the trends.  
7. Describe the perfect day outfit?
For me it would be either blue or dark grey jeans and a tank-top or t-shirt. Nothing too drastic. Maybe a graphic print on the shirt, but my style in really is really simple.  

8. What is the best make-up for you?

I don't really wear makeup... Since I'm a boy but I love smokey eye, or pastel. Especially on darker skin.  
9. Tell us 5 must have sunny day items.
Sunglasses, shorts, tank-top, sandals, and sun screen! Don't want to get burnt out there! :P 
10. What do you want to tell to the viewers of your interview.
I want people to think differently about men an fashion. I feel like there's a pre-conceived notion that guys are gay if they like fashion. That's so untrue. Look at me! I'm Christian and I still love fashion. It really makes me angry when people question my orientation just because I like fashion. So just think before you speak when it comes to a guy and fashion. Thanks so much for choosing me, and thanks for reading guys! :D

xoxo Zhanetta

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