Hot Buys are now Recoloured HotBuys?

I know it isn't my job to look out for anything that isn't a Freebie. But I noticed this and couldn't help but write a post about it.  It seems that Stardoll are re-colouring Hot Buys and labelling them as freebies. 
This is from the new Barbie For Stardoll:




And these are the silhouettes of the freebies that Stardoll are going to give out over the next couple of weeks.
I'm still trying to look for the bag, necklace and mesh pants so if you know anything, that helps. 
The necklace in the 3rd box is a redesigned version of the Hot Buys Square Necklace from this month:
The dress in the 3rd box is probably a recoloured version of the Hot Buys 70's dress that was released.
And the shoes in the 2nd box are most likely a coloured version of the Hot Buys Techno Platforms released last month:

Do you think this is fair or not??

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