CAPTURED: Sweet_gal11

Hello Dollies, it's Pau.Cam.Arena Today!

First of all, I'll explain all of you why I haven't been online or replying to captured opinions; My dad is at hospital and I dont have time to get on my computer, just a few mins before I go to the hospital, so that's why aldo today I have no comments for my outfit.

Second, this time I had no choice but capturing the first person I saw with a nice outfit since what I told you about my dad, he's one of my friends but, as other team members said, we are able to capture our friends only if their outfit is worth to be captured, and this outfit is really nice.

His name is Stefan, 16, from Canada. As I know him, he likes designing clothes, and he have made very amazing dresses in Stardoll too, this one for example.

He's wearing:
Bach Headband from Voile
Olympic dress
Flowing lace skirt
Valentina dress
Chiffon bow scarf
Second voile bridal skirt
Beaded white skirt
Bright wedding skirt

I love this outfit because, in past months, Voile launched a bridal collection, but some of the dresses are not nice enough to wear on a day like this, so he created a very nice dress that I'm sure I would love to wear at my Stardoll Wedding!

As I told you, I have no captured members opinion, so I'll show you some of Stefan's work:

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