CAPTURED : doll2005

Hello everyone ! This is Selena.g.65 , i've chosen today an outfit which will impressed you for sure
doll2005 called Robin , He's 17 years old from belgium decided to diguise in Beyoncé's outfit from Telephone music video Ft. Lady Gaga . Check out :

what is she wearing ?:
Archive - sparkeling dinner jacket 
Stardesigned blouse 
Bonjour bisou - High waist short 
Young hoolywood - Katy blue velvet shoes 
Anything else is made by his own self on Stardesign Jewelry 
 How talented !

what the team thinks about the outfit:
Pau.Cam.Arena : Omg! Omg! & Omg! This outfit is veeeery amazing, the Beyonce outfit in Telephone's video ft. Lady Gaga! This left me breathless! Very nice job & Very nice choice! This is just... perfect! My favorite outfit ever.

o0HighFashion0o : This is so amazing, one of the best so far. I think everyone knows that this is Beyonce from telephone, and that she put a phone with the doll made it even more completed. This is not just captured worthy, it's show us your talent worthy too!

Bad ones from Pau.Cam.Arena : I also want to say to every underneath reader that I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to post this week or reply to other outfits, since my father is at hospital and I don't have time to get online, hope everyone can understand :(

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