3D Medolls - More Details!!

Thanks to Zhanetta  writer of underneathstardoll.net we have some  more infos on the 3D Medolls Quest exclusively for you.

She asked Katka.Stardoll member opf Stardoll Staff for Czezh Republic.

The messages are basiacally saying these:

Zhanetta's Question:Hi Katka, i want to ask you something about Callie´s competion :) Will Callie search by herself between 180 million members? And do you think taht only famous person has a chance?Those who won lots of competions (like CG and Stardesign), and no member with  classical style ? CG - black eye shadows and Scuba dress? Thanks for your answer :) Štěpán*.

Katka.Stardoll: Callie will not search the whole Stardoll by herself. All admins of stardoll will help her :-) And in this competition fame doesNOT matter. Its only about originality. :-)

So we learn that all Stardoll Staff is looking and
As you see...winning contests does not matter...fame does not matter...it is all about ORIGINALITY

Another question answered...

The whole post thanx to zhanetta

...xoxo MSM

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