New On Stardoll- Awards.

I logged on this morning to see a new feature on stardoll- Awards!

Underneath your suite, above your presentation you now have this bar to drag all your awards for people to see.
You press the down arrow, and you see a list of awards that you could get.
 The awards range from anything from sending a gift to logging onto stardoll for 100 days straight. You can see the award by hovering your mouse over the symbol
When you get an award, this appears on the side of your screen. I got this because  I saved my me-doll
You also get starpoints for each award you get, for saving your medoll, you get 2, but for getting royalty, you get 15.
If you want people to see some of your awards you can drag them too the bar of which I showed you a minute ago.
This is taken from a stardoll post, and it explains what different categories do.
 Core - achieved by completing various introductory and fundamental challenges on Stardoll.
 Collect - achieved by ownership of a certain number of items at one specific moment, the member will keep his/her awards even if he/she will sell anything after reaching the limit
Competitions - achieved by winning Stardoll’s global competitions where all members have had a chance to win. 
Sell - achieved by selling items in StarBazaar, both own designs and items bought in shop including the gift shop. 
Social - achieved by activity in community features such as number of members in the user’s own club, certain number of friends. Some social achievements are unavailable for Kidsafe members
Design - achieved by designing and buying items from in the 4 StarDesign Studios. (StarDesign Fashion, StarDesign Interior, StarDesign Jewelry, StarDesign Hair).

 Once you gain an award,  you always have it, and it will never disappear.
Sadly,some of the awards you might of gained before this feature came out (such as covergirl, or selling an item for 500 stardollars) may not appear, so you will have to do them again

You can get lots more help on this new feature by clicking here

So, do you like this new feature, or is it pointless?

- Queenmaya99
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