Limited Edition Messages on Stardoll - The Story

Another Saturday...another Lesson..

We talked about the story of Limited Edition as a store. But there were actually pieces that weren't sold in the stores. In Fact these items were able to be bought by dollmail

The Story of the LE Messages goes back to 2009 when the first ever Message for LE was received.
It was about the LE jewelled bandage dress but i will leave it for the end.

The most LE messages came in the beging on 2010.
The first message on February 15, 2010 was about this Chanel Couture inspired dress known in the Stardoll world as Couture White poppy Dress 

The Second message of 2010 was received on  February 16, 2010 and was promoting a "Pop Leopard Bag"
inspired by Sonia Rykiel

The Third message came one day later on  February 17, 2010 and was promoting a "Laced Grommet Dress"
inspired by Temperley London

4th message came a week later on February 24, 2010 giving us an Alexander Mcqueen inspired LE. 
The Geometric Lace tube top

And then Lanvin inspired Dress came one day later known as the Two tone drapped dress.

The last message was selling a Viktor and Rolf inspired Dress. Sent on february 26, 2010

Intresting facts: 
1)The above messages were sent to NON Superstars as a promotion to buy superstar and buy LE
2)Underneath Stardoll provided a "javascript" cheat to buy them even if you didn't have the message(old readers might remember)

Now the most intresting message. The Bandage Dress!!!
The Story of the LE Jewelled bandage Dress goes back to June 9th of 2009
The LE Jewelled Bandage Dress came out also as a dollmail that was received only by people that had bought LE in the past...i think it came after the 3rd collection(....correct me if i'm wrong)

There are only 499 pieces of that dress and it is  considered among the most wanted LE items on Stardoll
because it is beautiful, very limited and was very expensive
It is inspired by Balmain

Intresting Fact: The Dresses used to be 500 and suddenly about a year later the tags switched to 499
We never learned what happened to that 1 LE jewelled bandage dress :P

and that was your lesson for today..

...xoxo MSM
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