Interview with ...eva_4

Hi :) 
I´m here with the Interview. 
This week´s winner eva_4 !

Her look si AMAZING . So 5/5 from me :)

And now to the interview.

1.Tell us a litthe things about you ?
~Hello. My name i´m Eva. I'm 12 years old. I come from a beautiful country named Macedonia. I love the things where I can express my creativity like Fashion, Art, Photography, Writing and Music.

2.Where did you find out about stardoll and how long are you playing stardoll?

~Back in 2007 I was at my friend's house and she told me all about Stardoll.So I joined too.Back then I joined with a doll that was hacked after two years.I made this doll in 2009.

3.What would you like to change about stardoll?

~Even though I love stardoll there are things I would like to change. I would like to change how the Starbazaar works. I would change the Levels to the old Starpoint system.

4.What do you love about stardoll?

~I love that I can express my creativity by making beautiful outfits, and making the prefect Make-Up and the awesome Album. I also love that I can meet new people from different countries and I can become great friends with them.

5.What is your secret stardoll talent?

~I don’t have a secret talent on Stardoll like the girls that make the beautiful hairstyles and the girls that make the magnificent sceneries . So no.

6.Do you follow all the latest fashion trends?

~As much as I love fashion I have to say no. I love making my own Unique style.

7.Describe the perfect day outfit?

~My perfect outfit is the thing that I feel comfortable in, I like to wear it, It fit’s me good and I would like it to be colorful.

8.What is the best make-up for you?

~Anything that is colorful but also natural.

9.Tell us 5 must have winter items

1.Comfy and warm boots.
2.A cute long sleeve top .
3.A trench coat.
4.Skinny jeans.
5.Winter hat.

10.What do you want to tell to the viewers of your interview.

~Be yourself, Stay chic and Have fun. Be beautiful like always. I hope you like this interview : )

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