Free Swim Suit

This Freebie Has been given recently by another contest some days ago but try it if you don't already have it
If you already got it or used to own it you WON'T get it again

If you are from the USA, click HERE and create a scenery and send it off to the contest.
If you are from anywhere else, you will need to use a manual proxy for this type of contest.  If you need any help, click HERE for the guide for using manual proxies.
The manual proxy I used is (it's pretty fast):
IP:    Port:8080
Log into after setting up the manual proxy.
Replace  the URL with:
Create a scenery with two people in (according to the contest, this is the only way you can get the swim suit). Save it and when the page has loaded, get rid of the manual proxy. The swim suit should be in your suite.

It seems that Stardoll is promoting bad grammar, =D
Heehee, swim 'suite'
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