ELLE on Stardoll - The Story

Tons of requests about an ELLE Story so here it is.

The Story of Elle goes back to 2008 were it was released. Speciafically Elle was released on December 9th 2008. Though it was considered as a real brand store in stardoll, the clothes in the store were inspired by a various number of top Designers or Fashion houses such as Louis Vouiton, Balmain, Alexander Wang, Mochino, Proenza Scoulder etc etc

The First Collection was looking like this:

Though Elle came in late 2008 some pieces from the first collections are considered must-haves and hard to find. Especially the Jackets.
The First Collection Stayed on Starplaza for about 6 months and the Second Collection
came out on July 16th 2009 and was looking like this:

It was a colorful collection with enough  nice clothes and shoes. Most of the bags were inspired by LV.
The Second collection was also the last collection of ELLE and stayed on Starplaza for about a year.
Until we got that message on 18th May 2010:

A week later the store was gone from starplaza and it was the last time we saw ELLE on Stardoll.

and that was your lesson for today
...xoxo MSM

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