New doll - Elli Kokkinou

Earlier today, Stardoll released a new doll, Elli Kokkinou, so here I am to present her to you.

Elli Kokkinou is a Greek singer. She is, nowadays, one of the most popular and admired singers in Greece.
Kokkinou was born on July 24, 1970, in Athens. She has always had contact with music, and in 1992, she decided to go to the United States to study music, in the Musicians Intitute of Technology. In 1996, Elli signed a contract with Sony Music and released two albums. In 2002, she signed a contract with Heaven Music and in 2003, released an album (Sto Kokkino), which was really successful, reaching double platinum status. In 2007, she left Heaven Music, signed another contract with Sony Music and released another album - Eilikrina -, which reached the second place in the Greek charts.

Elli Kokkinou has already been married - to her business manager, Panayiotis Vassiliadis, with who she had a child - but they got divorced in 2010, when Elli and her son moved to another house. She currently has a relationship with the basketball player, George Bogris.

Here's a picture of her in real life:

CLICK HERE to dress up the doll.

Do you think the doll looks like her? Is she known in your country?

See you next post,

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