DKNY on Stardoll - The Story

Another request on our Stardoll History lessons was to present the DKNY collections that once used to be the highlight of Starplaza. DKNY goes long back in the years of Stardoll and was one of the first real brands stores to hit starplaza.

Let's see the collections and then i'll tell you some intresting trivia.

(I am sorry for the resolution of some pictures i had to do research and there were not images of 2nd and 3rd collection due to lack of blogs in 2007. But a good blogger never gives up :P so i did a video research and print screened from there the collections missing. )

1st (and most wanted) Collection:

2nd (also a rare and wanted by many) Collection:

3rd Collection (it was followed by the fourth and stayed in starplaza together as one collection):

4th Collection:

5th Collection(last floor from previous collection stayed a little longer so the store was looking like this):

6th Collection (known as DKNY 20 years Aniversary Collection):

7th Collection (or The Last One)

After this collection we saw this on Stardoll and then on may 1st 2010 DKNY was gone from our virtual world:
DKNY brand stayed in Stardoll for about 3 to 4 years Late 2006 - May 2010

Now to your Questions that i see regularly:

1)Why the DKNY Scuba and Skyscraper are very rare?

Well the First DKNY collection was released in 2007 almost 20000 people were playing stardoll back then. Think of how many were superstars and how many actually bought the clothes. Now think of the people that left stardoll since 2007 and you can also minus once again those who got deleted and you will have your answer.  Finally think the number of people playing Stardoll today.

Intresting Fact: The Falling Hearts Dresses are actually more rare than Scuba and Skyscraper.

2)If Falling hearts are actually more rare why Scuba has this reputation?
Scuba Dress apart being one of the rarest DKNY dresses was also one of the oldest Hotbuys Dresses. They were supposed to be released in Pretty in Pink but stardoll made a agreement with DKNY and opened a Store.

Intresting Fact: The DKNY Hearts scarf and a pair of DKNY shoes were a hotbuys too

3)Why falling hearts blouse is even more rare?
As you see i posted two version of the first floor on the first collection of DKNY. Stardoll released the floor with the falling hearts blouse and Leather jacket for a while then decided to replace it with the second picture.

Intrestin Fact: There is a rarer blouse called "Falling Flowers" that was released only in search then taken back. New members propably haven't seen it and it is this one:

(from Stardoll's most wanted Archive)

4)Were the DKNY bike came from and why it is so rare?
Same reason. It was given to limited users that won a Starblog Contest back then.
This one:

5)Where do people found the DKNY Interior?
From a gift-o-meter that came out with therelease of the aniversary collection(6th).
If you spent 100 Stardollars you were getting the DKNY Dress with the number 5 and when you spent 200 You were getting the DKNY Interior

Another intresting Fact:
The fifth Collection was released by accident for some time for FREE back then:

and there was also a dress given for free on new years eve by stardoll itself:

Hope i answered most if you have any other question leave a comment and i will try to update this post.
Hope i didn't forget something it is been years so i propably made mistakes

And that was your Lesson for today...
Suggest another history lesson you are intrested in...

...xoxo MSM
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