Designers + surprise (!) : Guillaume Henry (Carven)

Hello everyone !
Here is a new designer's story for you this week, and an extra surprise (you may wait the end of the post to see it :D).

I've chosen to talk this week about Carven.

This fashion house has been founded in Paris in 1945 by Carmen de Tommaso. It was for a long time a haute-couture thing, until 2009 when Guillaume Henry became the new creative director. Now it's about keeping that haute couture spirit, and transcribing it into ready to wear.

Guillaume Henry was born in 1979 in France. He started working for Givenchy under the direction of Julian McDonald, before joining Paul Ka's designers team. He was then hired by Carven in 2009 to give a new breath to the brand (which wasn't that great at this time).
Guillaume's style can be defined as something classical but edgy. Known for being a very shy person, that can explain how he succeed mixing straight lines with blur-ish patterns, touches of bright colors and graphic patterns, giving some kind of strange sobriety to the clothes.

You can find here the A/W 2012-2013 collection (there is some Balmain also, for your eyes only !).

One of the main ambassador of the brand is Alexa Chung. She has the perfect flair while wearing the brand, spreading it worldwide. Here are some pictures of her found in ELLE magazine.

Stardoll started to release pieces very shyly, you can find some in the 2011's spring surprises and the last Young Hollywood.

That's all folks !
If you've got any suggestions for a post to come, I would love to hear from you :)

You may certainly know about the Balmain brand, and this will be the next post's theme. As I know that stardoll did a very good job releasing tons of clothes from it, I think that we may launch a little competition.
So, you may make an outfit about Balmain (use stardoll and whatever you want), upload it then to a website like tinypic or photobucket or imageshack (I'm personally used to or whatever, and put the link in the comment section below (I won't look at your doll manually).
There will be a poll in the next post, and the winner will win 40sd
I can't wait to see what you'll do ;)

Cheers xx
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