Captured: w2piker

Hello stardollies! It's Pau.Cam.Arena today!

For this friday I decided to capture a more simple & cheap outfit that you can use as an inspiration to dress this summer!

She is w2piker 18 years old from Poland.

She's wearing:
Amazing breeze blouse from Tingeling
Draped layered dress from Spring surprises
Black pleather platforms
Tassle necklace from LE
Heavyweight black platforms

I decided to capture this outfit because she show us how to wear simple, free and cheap clothes to make them look nice and keep being fashionable & chic. I love the colors she is wearing, and that tassle necklace makes her outfit look even better.

Let's see what the team members say

Aurelieke92 said...
interesting outfit, I love the way she wears the Spring Surprises dress. I am usually perplexed on how to wear that dress in a different way, and it's just great! Thumbs up!

Anastasiarts said...
First of all her makeup is brilliant! But the outfit is kina plai... It is very beautiful though and the contrast between black and yellow is very effective :) Nice work!

Kickherout said...
I really love the tshirt and dress combined, it gives some kind of artiness to the outfit ! beside, the necklace is absolutely well chosen, balancing the outfit's shortness with its long pearls and pom-pom. But I'm not so sure about the black and yellow mix.. maybe some brighter color instead of the black would have given a soft touch missing to that outfit (but idk, it's just my opinion !)..

No comment.

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