Captured: missuperkatie

Hello! It's Adri/ LovelyHula  here, writing for your Tuesday post!

Today I decided to Capture missuperkatie.

Her outfit was to die for, and it was just different! I hardly ever see black and gold, and I thought it would give you guys a change from the modern, or vintage outfit's posted often on Captured. The way she matched everything is just perfect.. couldn't of made it better myself! There isn't many pieces to this outfit, but that really shouldn't matter. The outfit isn't the amount of accessories on it, it's how they are placed, matched, and if you think your outfit is good. Not about what others think, about you!

She's rocking these pieces in her outfit,
Special Offer Black Layer Skirt
Windows on the World Adams Collared Top
LE  Gold Karat Rose Stem Pin
PPQ Gold Tie Up Boots

Here's what everyone else has to say!
Anastasiarts: I like it! The golden rose is great with the shoes and the colors are really beautiful, I love the gold touches! A bag would make it even better but that's just a small detail!
Aurelieke92: It's adorable! But the LE rose (even though I'm sure the focal point is that) seems to eat a chunk out of the outfit. I'd prefer something less...big.
kickherout: Black and gold outfit ! such a long time since I haven't seen one ! I really love that big flower ; that kind of brooch always rocks an outfit ! and I particularly like the bow tie (because "bow ties are cool") ; it gives that little touch of je-ne-sais-quoi to something meant to be normal.. But the skirt.. way too short /and I think a short would have been less shocking instead ;)

Pau.Cam.Arena: ~No opinion from her~

What do the reader's think?
A little change, the first to comment their opinion will be put below! Only one person this time, but remember, your opinion must be creative, not just 'Oh i like the color's it's really pretty and how she matched'. No! Make it something unique :)

mwnci1: I do like this outfit but i agree that the rose is a bit to big! It takes all the attention away from the lovely detailing on the top! I don't think this outift really needs a bag though - it would make it a bit ott! The shoes are lovely, and i love the tassels that hang down her legs, takes some attention to them! :)

I have some bad news, I will not be able to post next week for personal reasons, I hope you guys understand and I wanted to let you all know ahead of time.

Until next time!
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