Captured : Mini-Ph

Hello everyone !
For today's outfit, I decided to capture Mini-Ph.

Her name's Eleonore, she is 18 years old and she comes from Sweden.

She's wearing :
- feather embellished top from Voile
- long cable knit sweater from Stylein
- star trekker dress from Velvet Orchid
- paneled pleather top from ELLE
- black no heel shoe tights from Windows on The World
- runway tights from DKNY
- midnight flower tights from Bizou
- monochrome graphic leotard from Original Future

The reason why I chose to capture this outfit is that I really like the futuristic look of it. I particularly salute the way she created that dress. Beside, the futuristic aspect isn't "too much". This outfit is half way between outstanding and glamour !

What the rest of the team has to say about it :

Anastasiarts :
OMG this is awesome!! I love it, no more words to say *-*

Lovelyhula :
like this! It seems.. well it's really different! I wish she would have used a few different shades of grey, it kinda bores me :P

And what about you ?

Be fashionable
everyday dollies
because you might
get captured !

Marion /Kickherout
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