CAPTURED: ^imanaya^

Hello Dollies! It's Pau.Cam.Arena today!

First of all, sorry for not being online last week, and for not posting or replying to comments, but I was on holidays in California so I didn't had time to get online. Hope you can understand me!

So, for today I decided to capture something different to other outfits I have captured, she mixes a lot of styles and colors, but still keeping the fresh touch with the sheer shawl, and those shoulderpads add a modern and rocker touch.

She's ^imanaya^ , from Poland

She's wearing:

drying flowers headband
round sun sunglasses
blows white robe
chain shoulder pads
lion face top
Moschino inspired belt
sway embelished skirt
yellow print purse
black pleather platforms
ivoire orbit socks
heavyweight black platforms
cz gold cross necklace

What other team members say...

When I first looked at it, I liked it. I looked closer, and I love it. I adore how she uses the pops of color, and keeps them the same throughout the outfit. Very smart, I also like how the Shawl thing and the Moschino Skirt go together, though most people would pair the shawl with lighter colors. A great pick!

It's a good outfit, I'm not crazy about it but I guess it's because it's not my style. Her hands are completely hidden and that makes her look a little strange. But generally it's is a very rock outfit, the clothes are co-ordinated very well and on the whole it looks fine.

Lovelyhula... No comment

that's a very nice outfit ! I mean, it's a funny one because of the little color touches and an edgy one because of the shoulder pads and the dress' shape. That mix is just absolutely perfect ! it's a huge "CONGRATS" !

So this was everything for today, please leave nice comments! And remember...

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