Okay...I went blonde and couldn't read flags...sorry.
Hope you all are enjoying your summer! Here is today's Captured:
She is from Australia. (i had UK before, but let's just say I can't read)
I Absolutely loved this monochromatic color blocking technique. The bright oranges and the reds give off a more summer-y Aura, and the effective use of the Anna Sui top gives the whole outfit a nice texture.

-In this outfit, shows off these pieces-
CZ Gold Cross Necklace- Sofia Vegara For K-Mart
Tangerine Long Blazer - Windows of the World
Red Snow Top - Anna Sui Tribute
Red Mini Skirt - Basics
Apricot Mini Skirt - Basics
Citrus Belt - PPQ
Pink Waxy Weave Wedges - LE
Art Deco Bangles - Bonjour Bizou
Stacy Bangles - Rio
Gold Cuff Bracelet - Chanel Tribute
Voile Gold Cuff - Voile
Golden Rose Bracelet - Special Offer
Hot Hot Buys Bracelet - Fudge (?)
Various Jewelry.
- - -
Here is what the other team members of Captured have to say about the outfit:

Kickherout: wowowow ! I love it ! I mean, it's a very orange thing, but the fact the she nuanced the orange color (adding pink and red) makes the outfit just ow perfect :) great choice ! (and that headband is just fabulous !) xx

Anastasiarts: Wow, this outfit is great for summer!! I love the bright colors and the flower headband! I'm not that sure about the bracelets over the blazer and maybe the blazer itself...I mean it's summer :P Just kidding, it works very well with the rest and generally the outfit is really beautiful :)
- - -
also, I.Like.Rice is very talented at making wigs and etc. Be sure to take a peek at her suite and whatnot.
Hope you Enjoyed it!
Any opinions on today's outfit?
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