Captured : Fleurebelly

Hello everyone !
Here is the last Captured post of the week :)

Today, I've chosen to "capture" Fleurebelly :

Her name is Rina, she is 19 and she comes from Indonesia.

She is wearing :
- multi colored dress from Folk
- carnation dress from Bizou
- pink owl face clutch from Pretty in Love
- metallic bracelets from ELLE
- high heeled hiking boots from Bizou
- tan and purple sunglasses from Special Offers
- headband fuchsia from DKNY

I chose to capture that outfit because of the pattern mix. I know, it's either you do or you don't like it. But I've found very interesting the way she wore patterns ; she's obeying to the one type of pattern and the same scale of color rules they have to be (flowers, and red/green/blue). I think it's a very nice outfit for the summer :)

What the rest of the team says about it :

Anastasiarts : 
Nice outfit! I'm not crazy about it but it is beautiful. I like the bright colors and her sunglasses. I don't know about her shoes, they don't match that well with the rest but it's ok! And I love her hair!

LovelyHula :
I love that! Something about it.. the floral.. it's just really cute!

Aurelieke92 :
This outfit is very interesting! and I like it! I have my eyes on those sneaker heels :]

Pau.Cam.Arena :
I don't know if it works for me or not, I can't chose between loving it or hating on it. I like the way it looks but that floral & grass combination is way too strange, but I don't have a clearely opinion about this one, hard & risky choice

And what about you ?

Be fashionable everyday 
dollies cause you might get 

Cheers xx

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