Captured: boodle123

Hello USD readers!!
Guess what? It's Monday so here I am with one more "captured" post :)

This time I captured a non-superstar girl as many of you have been asking. 
Her username is boodle123 and she's from the United States.
Ivory twig headband - bisou
Clock locket necklace - bisou
button up lace skirt - pretty ‘n love
Chambrey high waist shorts - bisou
Fringe bag - d-signed austin & ally
Multi buckle heels - decades

I like her outfit very much. It's pretty simple but she has the perfect summer look. It's something I would definitely wear in real life as well as on stardoll and it's a great try for a non-superstar girl :)

Kickherout: I like that one :) I mean, you can only think about summer when you see it ! The way she accessorized it with the jewelry things is adding some kind of glamour to that kinda boho (minimalist) outfit. But I don't know and I think it's just because of me, but there is something about the shape of the short.. maybe a shorter one would have more balanced the whole thing !

Aurelieke92: It's a very simple outfit, but it's quite summery as well. I like the way she wears the high rise shorts, but to be frank this look isn't the best. 

 Do you like this one? Is it your style?
Tell me in comments!

Bella: The simplicity of the outfit is great. However the shorts are a little off, it almost looks like a skirt. Other then that I like how she didn't over do it with accessories and those shoes are cute. Nice non-ss find.

See you next week :*
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