Antidote Pink Water Dress. Glitch or Not?

(Dress print screened from burkasinbredene's suite)

This Dress that got released today in Antidote had only 100 pieces
We haven't seen this number on a Dress of a limited collection since...wait for it...
Yes...that is how Limited is that dress!!

There are two throries based on the Limited Pieces of this Dress:

The one theory says that it is a Glitch that Stardoll will fix soon. That this dress was meant for 1000 pieces but stardoll accidentally forgot the last 0. Their is also a change of this theory that it is in fact a glitch but it won't be fixed!!

The Second theory says that stardoll has decided to put some more Limited pieces for new members in each collection cause the last collections are not that limited as the old ones.

Only time will show what happened...
but what side are you...or maybe you have another theory?
Let us know...

..xoxo MSM

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