Amyclaire On Stardoll - The Story

Saturday..time for another lesson..and this time is Amyclaire...
Well most of people think that Amyclaire was actually one collection but it was actually two. Both collections came in early 2010 and both collections stayed in starplaza for a very limited time.

The first collection was released on Stardoll on February 11,2010 and from the two collections
it is the prettiest and most wanted one.
The store looked like this:

The collection was Available only between 11-24 February (Only for two weeks)
Though all of them are hard to find these days in stardoll the rarest dress from this collection is not on the photo actually because stardoll forgot to put it in the store. It was available only in search back then and it is this one:

It is called the "2 tone shift dress"

Two weeks later the store was gone.
The second collection opened exactly three months after the first collection on May 11,2012
The second store was pretty much a recolored version of the first with some extra pieces. The store was looking like this:
This collection was available between 11 and 26 of may (Also only for two weeks)

Now you can understand why you cannot find these clothes very easily
Though they came in 2010 both collections were available only for two weeks.

and that was your lesson for today...

...xoxo MSM

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