Survivor-Fashion Edition Task 1 Results

Hello my fellow stardollians, today we have the results for Task One. I would like to thank all of the voters and the contestants. Now for the winning flag.
In first place we have heather0908 with 257 votes. Congrats to her and her team, Orange Fusion. You do not have council this week.
2) Deshouliere with 185 votes.
3) mathildamath with 122 votes.
4) LoveGossip4life with 63 votes.
5) ExtravaganceSD with 47 votes.
6) dubistdie with 40 votes.
7) Silver.Wind with 30 votes.
8) dada2021 with 20 votes.
9) pasion_katii with 17 votes.
10) bananafrog with 11 votes.
Golden Pirates, you're going to council. If you apart of the Golden Pirates send me an email ( containing the name of the person that you want to vote out. The person with the most votes will be eliminated. Remember, the sooner I get all of your votes the sooner I will be able to post the new task.
Outwit, outplay and outlast. Survivor-Fashion Edition 2.

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