Survivor-Fashion Edition 2 Task 3 Entries

Hello everybody, welcome back. This week I'm going to be doing things a little different. Everyone will be included in the poll. But this is just a test, and if it does not work I will be going back to the way it originally happened. Also the week next to the contestant's nickname in parenthesis there will be the name of the person they chose to use in their entry. Good luck to all! Also, for the voters, if you didn't get a chance to see Task 3 be sure to look at it here before voting.

Golden Pirates

 Silver.Wind (Lana Del Rey)
Phoenix_Emerald (Alex Turner)
 LoveGossip4life (Jessie J)
mangunmeetan (Cheryl Cole)
mathildamath (Rihanna)
Elearwing (Emilie Autumn)
pAsIoN_katii (Lady Gaga)
 RBiber (Birdy)

Orange Fusion

ExtravaganceSD (Rihanna)
  Deshouliere (Amy Lee from Evanescence)
dubistdie (Rihanna)
o0HighFashion0o (Taylor Momsen)
vegan98 (Lady Gaga)
kilk34 (Michael Jackson)
heather0908 (Lily Allen)
dada2021 (Lady Gaga)
 Zhanneta (Lana Del Rey)
Outwit, outplay and outlast. Survivor-Fashion Edition 2.
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