Survivor-Fashion Edition 2 Task 2 Results

Hello there and welcome back, tonight we have the winner of Task 2.
The winner of Task 2 is Deshouilere with 208 votes, congrats to her and Orange Fusion.
2) LoveGossip4life with 97 votes.
3) mathildamath with 62 votes.
4) Elearwing with 54 votes.
5) heather0908 with 52 votes.
6) Zhanetta with 50 votes.
7) o0HighFashion0o with 46 votes.
8) ExtravaganceSD with 44 votes.
9) Silver.Wind with  31 votes.
10) bananafrog with 7 votes.
Golden Pirates, you are going to council again. Send me an email ( containing the name of the person that you want to vote out. The person with the most votes will be eliminated. Please send it in as soon as possible.
Outwit, outplay and outlast. Survivor-Fashion Edition 2.

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