Survivor-Fashion Edition 2 Task 2

 Hello, here is your Task 2. When you read V-Day you automatically think of Valentines Day. But this V-Day is much different. V-Day is a global activist movement to stop violence against women and girls. They educate people about the harsh reality of violence against women and girls and produce annual benefits to raise awareness and gain funds. In 2011 about 5,800 V-Day benefits took place in the US. Your task is to create a formal outfit to wear at a V-Day benefit, as well as choose a venue and display it in your entry.  The venue and the outfit must somehow tie together. Also remember, the outfit must be formal and women empowering. Basically, no bikinis. Like last week you can choose any program to make your task. It will be due on Friday, and once you're done send it to me at And just a reminder to everyone in the Golden Pirates, send in your votes so you know who will not be participating. I'm missing three people's, thank you.
Outwit, outplay and outlast. Survivor-Fashion Edition 2.

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