Stardoll Tribute Stores - The Story

After the great acceptance of LE story in the comments i found a request by a reader of USD and a new member of Stardoll who was intresting to know all the tribute stores of stardoll. Well here are all the tribute stores on Stardoll:

The story of tribute stores goes back to 2010 where the first ever Tribute store was released. What was the first tribute store?


Some days later another Tribute store hits starplaza. The Second Tribute store of starplaza was:

Diane Von Fustenberg Resort 2010

As we go on on the summer of 2010 Stardoll introduce us another Tribute store..this time is

Just Cavalli S/S 2010 collection

About a week later another store is being released.

Sonia Rykiel S/S 2010 Collection

About a month later and we are now on August of 2010 stardoll releases the first collection inspired by a fall collection and it is a great one!!!

Herve Leger Fall 2010

That is the end of tribute Stores for 2010

Now we are moving just before the summer of 2011...specifically on late May when stardoll brings back the idea of Tribute stores by releasing a brand new collection

Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2011

After that stardoll starting to release tribute collections one after another until the end of the year 2011. The next collection came in June of 2011.

Versus Versace S/S 2011

Another June Collection also S/S and really beautiful came out next

Alice and Olivia S/S 2011

Moving to July of 2011and Lanvin Collection is coming

Lanvin S/S 2011

We are on July 2011 and the tribute stores continue to come out like crazy next one?

Mochino S/S 2011

We are now in August of 2011 and the next collection comes out which is actually the first collection to be inspired by a Pre-Fall real life collection

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2011

At this point and by the end of summer stardoll take a break from releasing tribute stores.
Couple of months later and more specifically in late November of 2011 Tribute stores are coming back. But they are not just tributes anymore. They are Holiday Tributes. Stardoll added the word holiday because these were the first tribute stores to be released on Stardoll in winter and basically during Christmas Holidays.

The Holiday Tributes Started as the summer tribute stores...with Chanel

Chanel Fall 2011

We are in December and here comes another tribute store

Dior Fall 2011

Another brand that got a second tribute collection came afterwards

DVF Fall 2011

And moving to the Last Tribute Collection (if i do not forget some) which was:
Gucci Fall 2011

Which one did you like the best?
Which one did you hate?

PS: Couture Tributes will be part of another story since it is made by pieces of different collections. 

If i'm forgeting anything let me know and if you have another story to request be my might see it on the next Stardoll History post....

That was your lesson for today
...xoxo MSM
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