Limited Edition on Stardoll - The Story of LE (UPDATED)

I had a lot of requests again on re-updating this post and will do in the future if we have some new here it is for our amazing readers:)

Let's go:

First Ever Limited(..and when say Limited i mean truly Limited) Edition Collection.....beautiful but small collection due to its first time and the number of people that were playing stardoll back then...definetely the most wanted LE collection:

Second Limited Edition also known as Valentine LE or Denim LE....The most wanted item is the LE Cupid Dress.....if you put aside some pants ,skirt and tops the collection is great....

Third Collection came out on Spring ....most wanted item is the yellow Floral Cut Out Dress...beautiful and colorful collection.

Fourth limited Edition collection and one of my personal favourites ....loved almost every piece of this collection....also a very Limited one since the dresses were only up to 500 pieces each!!!,dresses tops,skirts looked so fashionable....there are many wanted items from this collection such as the sequined single shoulder blue dress inspired by balmain!!

Fifth collection came on winter of 2009...Limited almost as the previous one...not as good as the previous ones but some of the pieces were must-haves...such as the wanted pink "Jolie Frock" and the "padded chainlink dress".

6th collection.... a mediocre collection in my opinion comparing to the past... not that many wanted items from this collection apart from the Chanel inspired "Lace Sleeve Spring Coat"

7th collection....not a very good one in my personal opinion....i can't say i liked many seemed thing on this collection were the jackets.....always in my personal opinion....

8th Collection.....faux fur,socks, pants and some dresses....might be the collection with the less dresses....not that this makes it was actually a descent one and some of the items were "to die for"....

9th Collection....good enough collection....liked couple of dresses , tops and some shrugs....

10th...though i didn't like this collection....i have to admit that it was the most fun of all...i think it was the first time that LE could be compared with Antidote since this could be easily a Antidote collection....LOVE the look of the store though:)

11th  collection...i think this collection brought stardoll back to it's good LE days...some of the pieces were amazing...and though there were enough not so good ones... the look of the store make you forget them

Moving to collection number 12...Ups and Downs on this collection too..some extremely "must-haves" and some that shouldn't even be limited

And the most current one... the 13th collection....descent...fashionable in pale colors..lots of nice dresses and skirts....There were enough also to say "no thank you" but which collection is actually perfect?

Collection number 14(Released on July 2012) and a big miss for the famous Stardoll brand. The worst according to most stardoll users. The collection failed to totally sell out making some of the pieces more limited,but not really wanted by the members

The 15th Collection has raised the bar a little since its previous one but still LE has not found its high standards yet

Now i wanna hear your opinions....

Which one you like the most?
Which one you did not like?

....xoxo MSM
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