Interview with... Marthamay...

Hi :) 
I´m here with the Interview. (I apologize for the delay contribution, but I was busy)
This week´s winner Marthamay...

Her look si AMAZING and original. So 5/5 from me :)

And now to the interview.

1.Tell us a little things about you ?
Well I'm Georgia (aka Marthamay...) and I'm 15 years old (:
I adore music, the arts and writing...basically anything that allows me to unleash my creativity.
I'm also rather fond of felines.

2.Where did you find out about stardoll and .how long are you playing stardoll?
I've played stardoll ever since it was known as Paperdoll Heaven when I was a little six year old :3 my cousin was the one who got showed me it and got me interested.

3.What would you like to change about stardoll?
I would like to change the whole dating aspect that's slowly crept in. I don't find it right that little kids are going out with complete strangers online. I mean, it could be anyone of any age at the other side.
Another thing I would like to change is how some members think they can get away with being rude to others and blame it on such things as "it's just the internet", yes we know we're on a doll site but there's people behind the pixels with feelings, that's no excuse to be rude.

4.What do you love about stardoll?
The fact that I'm free to allow creativity flow without the worries of people judging me as much as I would in real life. I feel as if safe and free to do how I please with my doll, able to explore new styles and create designs
It's a place where I can go onto when things in real life are getting too much and have the option of just shutting myself off from the choas and just fall into a world of imagination for a little while at least.
I'm also able to connect with people mainly my own age who I wouldn't have been able to meet otherwise, this is also good because with the ability to make friends and clubs, I've been able to mix my Anti-Bullying campaign and awareness group "Silent Tears" on a site that's been apart of me for 8 long years. So not only can I allow my creativity to rein, I can also help others.

5.What is your secret stardoll talent?
Designing I suppose.

6.Do you follow all the latest fashion trends?
Not at all if I'm completely honest.
I'm more of the lone sheep kind of person.

7.Describe the perfect day outfit?
Anything that makes you feel comfortable.
Don't worry about how you look guys, as long as your happy, comfy and healthy, that's all that ever matters.

8.What is the best make-up for you?
I don't use make-up (: partly because I have a skin condition, partly because I hate the stuff xD
Sometimes I use mascara and lip gloss though.

9.Tell us 5 must have winter items.
1) Ugg style Boots
2) A long baggy top (comfy and warm [; )
3) Skinny jeans
4) Leather Jacket
5) Fluffy socks ;3

10.What do you want to tell to the viewers of your interview.
Bullying is just a sign of another's insecurities and the problem does not dwell within you, but them so don't listen to any of the bad things people say to you, they're just "jelly".
Be true to yourself and always try your best that's all anyone can ever ask of you.
You're beautiful so don't change for anyone other than for yourself and no matter how bad things get, there will always be someone who cares, please don't forget that.
Finally, thank-you for reading.

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