Hotbuys pin Jacket

The hotbuys pin jacket was released yesterday, but I decided to wait until today, presuming it would load
However, it still will not load, in the 'new section' in It girls, or in the 'search section'. So, really I'm stuck.
I don't want to buy this hotbuy, so I haven't seen it in my suite yet, so I sadly can't tell you if it loads or not in your suite.

Here is what it looks like in starplaza.
Now, the dress finally loads (two days late)

Here is what it is supposed to look like
(from the hotbuys in starblog. Not including dress underneath.)

It costs a pricy 21 stardollars, and you should be able to find it (when it loads) in the shop It Girls.
It is inspired by Tokyo Fashion

Will you be buying this pricy denim jacket when it decides to show its face? Do you like the design?

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