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You sure heard about our country contest here on Underneath Stardoll that takes place 
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Here are the TOP 20 Countries visiting Underneath Stardoll At the moment

Description:If your country is not on the top 10 (left column) then maybe it is the time to tell your friends from your country on Stardoll about visiting and learning about Underneath Stardoll. The countries on the right column are the closest to get on Top 10 but there are more bubbling under them. Try and get your country on the Top 10 by visiting USD daily and sharing it to your friends from your country on Stardoll...cause there will be a huge contest for the top 10 countries around August(plenty of time for everything to change)...shh it's a secret..!! :) ..xoxo MSM 

NOTE:The counter counts ONLY different people from each country daily. Every day you visit your country gets +1. The more people from one country the more +1s daily!!!!

I will be presenting once in a while a "LIVE" post on what is going on in the contest. The conest is up on some hours only so not that many changes but some intresting clues that will help you.

Remember that only the TOP 10 win the contest and will be included in a Huge Contest Around August

Why August? After looking at our stats we saw that countries positions were changing from Month to month depending the news and some time. August is a good time so that give the right time for changes in the top 10. Every day counts!!

The Leading Country at the moment is The US followed by the United Kingdom.

As you can see from the image above the Current Top 10 is:

1.United States
2.United Kingdom

The battle starts here were next countries are trying to reach the top 10. The next top as you see are:
12.The Netherlands

Now the intresting part:
During this small time the contest is up Ireland is giving their best to get on the Top 10 List and they are in fact gaining ground since people of Canada are not answering with so many visits as people from Ireland. But what Ireland doesn't know is that people from The Netherlands are more active than them during these hours and are a "threat" for them as is Italy. Italy although is losing ground from France with the latter trying to pass on position number 13.

Within the TOP 10 Countries the most intresting battle are between Germany and Poland for the 6th position

Portugal Servia and Sloavakia are so close that their positions could change within the day

Another intresting fact is that Croatia which is actually on number 21 is gaing ground and if they go on like this Slovakia will be out of the top 20. There are also tons of other countries

2 Months...Many many countries...which of them will finish in the top 10...
Help your country reach the top!! Visit and invite your friends to join our community!!

...xoxo MSM
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