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I have very bad news, my computer died & everything I had in there was deleted. Saddly, my whole entry for this week's captured was there and I lost it all, so I just got the image from a link that we use to send each other team members the images for captured and I don't have the name of this doll, I forgot it and I can't remember it, so if any of you know who is this doll, please tell me in a comment or in my guestbook and I'll update this entry with the correct information.

Meanwhile, She's wearing:

New Syros Skirt - Miss Sixty
Basic top - Bonjour bisou
Striped vest - Fallen Angel
Denim Jacket - Killah
Brief Case -It Girls
Bold and buff shoes - RiO

I decided to capture her because her outfit mixes some textures and simple colors adding an interesting statement with that maxi tribal print pink skirt, and the shoes compliment the skirt with another bright color, and then she finishes her outfit with that simple brief case, that looks so stylish! And also her doll has an interesting face, almost with no makeup, but she is very beautiful!

Team members say...

That's a quite unusual one ! I like how the shoes give punch to that outfit, and to that point I think it's a sort of innovation ! if she wore sandals instead, that would have been really boring. I guess maybe bangles/bracelets or a fancy necklace more would enhance that outfit..

This outfit is like one of those scales that waver in the middle when two evenly weighted things are placed opposite eachother. I love it, yet I don't. One one side, I love the use of the tribal maxi skirt, but I hate the fact she used a Jacket/Vest as a top. She could have used that same style, with items other than these. In the end, as much as I love the Doll's face, her outfit is not one of my favorites.

This outfit is a good one and obviously unusual. The only thing i don't like is the skirt-shoes combination. The colorful skirt doesn't match with the blue heels. I'd wear either a different skirt or another par of shoes.

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I hope you like it, any positive comments?  Let us know! And remember.... 
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