CAPTURED: ...X3Bella... & GirlyPelka

* Now you guys can have your opinion in the post! Read the whole post to find out how!

Hey USD, Adri here writing for your weekly Tuesday post. I have decided to Captured both ...X3Bella... and GirlyPelka . The outfits are both different, but both match so well, I asked the rest of the team their opinions, and I got yes and no's for both, so I decided to Capture 2 like Amber did last season. This won't be every week, only the weeks I, or the team cannot choose. 

First I'm going to Capture ...X3Bella...

Click her outfit to visit her suite.

This outfit is a bit simple, but the peices match so well I couldn't resist! And without the beret or faux throw, this outfit wouldn't be near the same.

She's wearing..

Archive Boho Furvest
Archive Soft Cotton tank
LE Grey Felt Belted Shorts
Bonjour Bisou Doodle Bikini (underneath)
Fallen Angel Hotbuys tights
Archive Black Pleather Platforms

Let's see what the team has to say about this one..

kickherout: I like that one, it's a kind of everyday outfit suitable for anyone !
Anastasiarts:  I love this one! The colors are very beautiful, the shorts are great, the shoes everything! It's something I would definately wear, I like it so much! It just needs a bag to be perfect :)
Aurelieke92:  I loved this outfit, it shows an interesting way to wear that furry vest thing, and the color scheme going throughout the outfit is one of my favorites as well. One thing She could have done without were those sunglasses, and even if she wanted to keep them on she could have put it on the right way.
Pau.Cam.Arena:  It's like more stylish yet simple, very nice combination and still a classy & wearable style.

Conclusion, and readers opinions?
#1. Bella: I think she should of not worn tight with those shorts. The colors of the outfit are nice since they are all neutrals that balance each other out.

#2: It could be you!

Looks like I found an outfit everyone on the team loves, now what about you? I will edit this post with the first two people who give a creative enough opinion and put what they think about it. When Anastasiarts posted someone asked to do this, so I decided to. Do you like this feature, or should we not have it? Now, the other writers may not do this, but I decided it would be a fun touch. That's something else I need to know from you. See, readers do get a chance (:

The second dollie I decided to Capture is GirlyPelka.

Click her outfit to visit her suite.

This outfit represents the gothic style, which I don't see often, and I just thought she deserved to be Captured. There is nothing I would change about this outfit, accept maybe put a rose tattoo on the shoulder you can see, but either than that it's perfect!

She's wearing..
Facebook Like Cropped Cape Top
Fallen Angel Distressed Arm Warmers
Oversized Bow Sash
Tingling Shiny Tattered skirt
Fallen Angel Hotbuys tights
Lace-up Boots

Let's see what the team has to say about outfit #2..

kickherout: Haha great style demonstration. I'm still not a big fan of the gothic style, but this one is very stylish. I has the old codes (red and black colors) mixed with the new one : short ! I mean, that cape and that skirt are so unexpected from a gothic outfit that it's very interesting seeing them working well with the rest and the style she chose to give to it. Congrats !
Anastasiarts: That's not my style to be honest but it's nice! I like her skirt very much and it looks very nice with her haircolor. I would choose a darker belt because this one's color is too light for the rest of the outfit and possibly different shoes. But even like this, it still looks good!
Aurelieke92:I Like this one, it is interesting, and the gothic look looks very nice.
Pau.Cam.Arena: -Nothing-

Readers opinion?
Again with outfit one, whats your opinion? Can you make it creative enough to get in the post? Go for it (:

#1. Bella: Goth is not my style, but I like this outfit. I like how she committed to the look from head to toe. The bow sash is light for this outfit, but refreshing at the same time. I would of changed the shoes and sash just to make it better. Overall its a nice look and totally different from what I have seen.
#2: It could be you!

That's all for this Terrific Tuesday! 


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