Captured: roxeyd!

Click the picture above to go to her suite!
Hey USD! Adri here, with your weekly Tuesday post.
I have decided to capture roxeyd.

Her name is Dana, and she is from Canada!

I think her outfit is different, and I love the way she combined everything. Especially the wing idea. That's really pretty. I just wish she would have used some blue or purple shoes, at least it matches the belt! I also think the hair has the affect which makes it completely like a fairy. I had to capture this!

Shes wearing..

Other World Items:
Butterfly wings
Silver wings
Silken cross top
Midnight gown
Perfect Day:
 black gold heels

Here's what the rest of the team has to say..

Aurelieke92: I'm not too impressed, but i like it! It's very mystical, and I like the use of the multiple wings. Puts the Other World store to good use.

kickherout: WOW that's what I love about captured ! You can always be surprised by what your team has found. It's very hard to comment because it's not a common outfit to wear. But I can say that I'm a little bit disappointed by the shoes she has chosen : why that simple whereas you are using wigs ?

Anastasiarts: I like it, it;sbeautiful. The doll looks like a real fairy, it's very cute! All of the clothes are matched together nicely and i also like the color combination ( i love purple!). I think the hair color is irrelevant but it doesn't matter, the rest is brilliant!

Pau.Cam.Arena: No opinion!

That's it for this lovely Tuesday!


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