Captured: PinkAccent

Sorry...published this a tad too early on accident.
Surprise, Surprise; Wednesday has arrived and I hope you are not going to be disappointed this time.
Today, I have captured:
These past few days...okay, months, I have been attracted to Pastels, and most especially: Lace. PinkAccent combines these two into one whilst accomplishing the age old trend of Layering. She Includes rather unusual pieces in this outfit, which is probably one of the main reasons why I decided to capture her. 

-In this outfit, PinkAccent shows off these pieces-

Jackson Denim Vest - Rio
Bright Wedding Blouse - Voile
Waterhole Dress - Pretty n' Love
Mint Sheer Skirt - Voile
Roaring Clutch - Decades
Basic Yellow Oxfords - Basics
- - -
Here is what the other team members of Captured have to say about the outfit:

LovelyHula: I Don't Know about that outfit..I like it, I would wear it but with different shoes. That's probably all that's changing me xD I wish her medoll would have been a little more pastel, instead of the dark dark makeup. The outfit is cute! (:

Pau.Cam.Arena: I like this outfit so much, I like how she mixes floral print with lace and sheer, but I don't like the vest at all, and maybe a shoes that match the clutch bag or a clutch that matches the shoes would have looked better!

Kickherout: That's a very nice outfit! it's very spring full with those flowers and sheer fabric :) I really love it, and especially that little yellow touch on the shoes. I think it's giving the outfit a very fresh sensation. Maybe another color touch would have been expected, but it's also fine that way !

Anastasiarts: This one has mixed styles again but I like it! The vest is casual and the dress not so much but it looks fine :) But I don't like the shoes, another color would be great but this one does not match the rest of the clothes In My Opinion
- - -
What do you think?
I have been pondering. So many of you have claimed that you want something different -or- you don't like the style we show you. If so, please be sure to drop me a line in my guestbook if you have a specific style you have in mind or if you want to give us some feedback. It'd be greatly appreciated if you came to any of the teams' accounts and respectfully addressed any issues.
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