Captured : Must-Have

Hello everyone !
My name is Marion (a.k.a Kickherout) and I'm one of the new judges for this season of Captured.
I hope you will fancy what I've found :)

For my first post, I've chosen to "capture" Must-Have :

She is 16 years old and from Russia. She also claimed that she has never been a superstar.

She is wearing :
- a bandana from Rio
- a triple tassel necklace from Bizou
- a fronter necklace from Pretty In Love
- a bolo tie from Pretty In Love
- a gold square necklace from Pretty In Love
- a gold tear top from Decades
- a glitter party skirt from Wild Candy
- a tassel pleather purse from It Girls
- Bollywood henna tattoos from Folk
- frapper bangles from Decades
& dark blush boots from Pretty In Love

The reason why I chose to capture Must-Have is because I like what she is wearing. It is kinda folk-ish without being too "hippie". The amount of necklaces which are giving a very girly touch to the outfit are well balanced by the simplicity of the shoes. The only thing that disturb me is the bag she chose.. maybe I would have picked a more stuffy one, but it's my inner opinion :) Also, I think it's a very stylish outfit (I would love to see more of them on Stardoll) for a non-superstar.

What the rest of the team says about it :

Anastasiarts : 
I like this outfit although it's not really my style. The colors look great together and I love the necklaces. I would choose a different bag but this one works well too :)

LovelyHula :
I like it! Without the accessories it'd be a bit boring though. Like I always say, I love the addition of the tattoos.Oh, and the bandana. Everything is really pretty! Great choice (:

Aurelieke92 :
I absolutely love this outfit and the doll! The vintage feel of the outfit manages to mix with the more grunge-y side of it as well. She made good use of the accessories, and also knew how to match up the colors. Kudos to her!

Pau.Cam.Arena :
Oh, the outfit is not my favorite but it's nice, I dont like the part that it has so much tassles, and the bracelet is too big for her outfit, and I'm not a fan of those hair indian feathers but well, she's very stylish!

And what about you ?

Be fashionable 
everyday dollies 
cause you might get 

Cheers xx
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