Captured : Moonlighthour

Hello everyone !
It's Marion (a.k.a Kickherout) and I've found a new outfit for you, hope you'll like it !

Today, I've chosen to "capture" Moonlighthour :

She is from Norway.

She is wearing :
- a Diph hat from Killah
- a girls shirt from St Trinian's 2
- a sleeveless denim shirt from Archive
- Prata cuff bracelets & stacked bracelets from Riviera
- a sequined maxi skirt from Bizou
- a kitty cat purse from Antidote
- wooden strap heels from Bizou

The reason why I chose to capture her is very simple. I wanted to find the perfect way to wear a long skirt - which is according to me very difficult (you can easily look like a potato bag). I like the cute effect she gave to it thanks to her hat and the purse. I mean, maybe she won't catch your eyes as a very stunning outfit with tons of stuffs and so on, but she manages to keep very simple and remaining stylish. 

What the rest of the team says about it :

Anastasiarts : 
Well...Something confuses me about it but I'm not sure what it is...The skirt is very long and I would probably wear it in a night party or something and the top is very casual, it can be worn everyday. But the final result of combining these two styles is not bad at all. Strange but nice! Good choice :)

LovelyHula :
This is a very modern outfit. The hat and bag are just perfect together. Just absolutely gorgeous! I could do with a brown vest, but I get where she's coming from! Beautiful, beautiful!

Aurelieke92 :
I adore this outfit. It's sort of like Thursday's outfit, but what I was wanting to see from the outfit. The items flow nicely, even though they seem like the types you'd usually never see together. And that Kitty Bag is just cute :]

Pau.Cam.Arena :
Wow, I love this outift so much! It's so fashionable and she's following the stardoll trend of maxi skirts, her style is a little bit vintage, a very nice shirt, matching with an amazing vest also, and the skirt I would have chosen one without sequins, but it works so well! And I also like that cat box bag, since box bags are actually trendy, maybe with lighter lips she would have look better! Very nice choice!

And what about you ?

Be fashionable 
everyday dollies 
cause you might get 

Cheers xx
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