Captured: Missomorfi010

After some pointless and insulting comments i want to say that:
[1] This is the first time I capture a friend of mine and 
it is because I think her outfit deserves to be presented. 
[2] We have permission to capture our friends as long as
their outfits are good enough to be captured.
[3] My previous Capture, Aggelaci, is from Greece but
she is not my friend!!
[4] If you want to be captured... try harder. We do not capture by request.

Hello guys :) I hope you had a great, relaxing weekend!
I'm back with one more captured doll and this time it is
Her name is Michaela, she's 15 and she lives in Greece.
(And, yes, she's one of my best friends.)

She is wearing:
Gangster Glam hat - Bisou
Beastly sun glasses - Beastly
Beaded shoulder blazer - Windows on the World
Silver tank - unknown
A ton of ruffles top - Pretty n' Love
Classic pleather belt - It  Girls
First lady trousers - Windows on the World
Rodeo - Stylein
Black pleather platforms - Archive
Heavyweight black platforms - Fallen Angel

LovelyHula: I love this! The colors go so well together.. and so does her medoll! I see tattoos peaking out, love that touch too. Best outfit you have ever chosen, Anastasia (:

Pau.Cam.Arena: Wow, this outfit is very stylish, I love the way she wears that print pants without making the outfit look so exaggerated, the length between the pants and the shoes is perfect, and I also like the way she matches her blouse with the blazer, I would just have wore a bag without a lot of shine, but that's her choice and I really admire it! Very good outfit, one of my favorites! And very nice choice!

Aurelieke92: I love the monochromatic effect of the outfit. I really can't say something bad about it, but something makes me a little nonchalant towards the outfit. I adore the trousers though, i've used them before and she uses them in a great way.

Kickherout: I really fancy this outfit ! She saved it from boredom by playing the "classy-grunge" style thanks to the hat and the trousers. It's a very well done for that black and white outfit!

What do you think? Do you like this one? Comment!

Anastasia xx
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