Captured : Martusss

Hello everyone !
It's Marion (a.k.a Kickherout) and here's a new outfit for you, hope you'll like it !

Today, I've chosen to "capture" Martusss :

Her name is Marta, she is 21 and she comes from UK. Among a lot of things, she talks to her cat (sweeeet :3).

She is wearing :
- an arabic necklace from Folk
- a gold riveted top from Rio
- a 50s swimsuit from Pretty in Love
- ruffle flats from Just Cavalli Tribute
- a gold lock belt from Rio
- a white pearlized long skirt from Film Theory
- a feather shrug from Moxie Teen

I chose to capture her because I actually like her outfit. It's a kind of epic one ; I think she look a bit like a goddess. But also, she showed her creativity without over accessorizing her outfit. It's strange, coming from another world (notice that she did not use a single item from the store), but I think that the most daring fashionistas on Earth can wear this at an opening ceremony (think of Daphne Guinness for example).

What the rest of the team says about it :

Anastasiarts : 
Wow it's fantastic!! I like it so much! I'm in love with every single detail and especially the doll's face (makeup and jewelry) and hair. They look perfect with the rest of the outfit. I don't know, I just love it :)

LovelyHula :
Does this outfit look a bit Egyptian, or is it just me? I do like it! Not quite sure where it would be wearable, maybe to a costume party? Anyways, the piece on her head brings the whole outfit together, I think. Not to mention, the shoes! They are so cute. Cant wait to see the post to see where they are from. Overall this outfit is really cute and pretty. Her doll matches it perfectly!

Aurelieke92 :
It's very Grecian looking, something that is usually my favorite. I like how she makes the skirt thing from Film theory actually work without looking too exposed. I also love the accessories, they really make the look.

Pau.Cam.Arena :
Well, this outfit reminds me a lot of nature, the schemes of golden and green matched with white makes me think of a snowy forest, I like how the skirt looks paired with that top, and the feather detail in the skirt makes the outfit very wild, I like it! I would just remove the accesories in her head, because it makes the outfit look too overaccesorized. Nice choice!

And what about you ?

Be fashionable 
everyday dollies 
cause you might get 

Cheers xx
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