Captured: Lioba93

Hello Everyone! Aurelieke92 here with another Wednesday of Captured.
Today, I have captured:
Her name is Joni, she is 18 years old and is from Germany.

As Spring departs us, and Summer comes in, we're usually confused as to what to wear during these times. Joni captures the days of transition between Spring and Summer with bright poppy colors, yet manages to keep in the Spring with a bit of Lace as well as Flowers.

-In this outfit, Lioba93 shows off these pieces-
Roses Blazer - Bonjour Bizou
Stardesign Jeans
Hotbuys pleather skirt - Fallen Angel
Black Signature Bag - PPQ
Ruffled Peep Toe heels -OTTO
- - -
Here is what the other team members of Captured have to say about the outfit:

LovelyHula: I like this outfit a bunch! It is so cute, with that little creative touch of a top-skirt! This outfit has the perfect amount of ruffles, glitz, and glamour! It's not too overdone.. and I'm glad she didn't put a gob of accesories on it. 

Pau.Cam.Arena: -no answer-

Kickherout: I'm not a big fan of that outfit / I mean it's a little too pinky for me (and the pattern of the jacket is very hard to wear, even for her). But I've never thought about using that skirt as a top ; and that way I think it's brilliant !

Anastasiarts: I like it, it's a nice outfit with beautiful colors and everything. But I just don't think it's special enough to be captured. It's the kind of outfit that you can easily find around stardoll. So, i believe it's nice and fashionable, but not very unique.
- - -
I see I've picked another love-hate outfit, but...
What do you think?
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