Captured: Lider090

Hello everybody! "Captured" is back to USD with brand-new members in the team!
I'm Anastasia, one of the old members and I'll be posting my outfits on Mondays this time. 
But before I start I'd like to say something general about this column;
"Captured" is all about likes and dislikes, so I fully understand that you may not like the outfits we present each time. Feel free to express your opinion in comments cause it helps me choose something better but don't forget to be polite. 
So now, let's go to the first captured outfit for season 2 :)

I captured Lider090, her real name is Aileen, she's 14 and she is from Germany. I like her outfit though it's plain, and I mostly like the way she created the dress by using the flowers.
(I want to mention that personally I won't be posting only DYI outfits, made by interior items and it's just a coincidence that my first outfit is like that).

She is wearing:
-Hotbuys triangle cut out old swimsuit from Bonjour Bisou
-DYI bow from Bonjour Bisou
-Wide sash from Miss Sixty
-Criss cross stud belt from Fallen Angel
-Belt w/ studs from Evil PAnda
-Flower brooch from Miss Sixty (x13)
-Black shoes from Doll Space
-Leg tatto from Evil Panda

And here's what the other judges said about it:

Pau.Cam.Arena: That outfit is amazing! It reminds me the one of Ceren.Gk in Miss Stardoll World winner crowning, The flowers work so well together, I would just remove the necklace, but she made an amazing job.

Kickherout:  I really love this outfit : It is black and stylish, and the roses fit perfectly with the ribbon belt. It's giving something romantic and dramatic to the whole perception of the outfit. That's sad that it isn't actually a real dress, 'cos I think it would have a lot of success ! The only thing i'm not sure of is maybe the choice of the shoes. They're too simple ; I wouldn't pick stuffy shoes, but surrealistic shaped shoes (something black with strange heels) to give that final touch of power to the outfit. Great finding though :)

LovelyHula: I like that outfit! I don't usually wear much black clothing but I like it.. I think it's a perfect length, and it's not too overloaded with roses. I love the tattoo on her leg.. brings it to a totally different view. The only think I would put, is a different color bow.. maybe.. blue?or red? But thats just because I don't really like anything too black haha (:

Aurelieke92: I like the gothic look of the outfit, and each piece of the outfit is nicely matched with the other. I feel there is too much dark going on with this outfit, however. Something small, with a gold accent that was on the roses would have touched it up nicely. 

I'm waiting for your comments and opinions! That's all from me for this week, see you next Monday and...

Be fashionable everyday dollies cause you might get Captured ;)

Anastasia xx
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