Captured: I_Love_Green

Hi guys! Im Adriana as some of you may know, and Captured is back! I'm a writer from last season, and if you didn't follow this daily competition before you' will love it!


I have Captured I_Love_Green!
Her name is Janie and shes from Somalia as it says.

I captured Janie because I love the color combinations of this outfit. I like how the bag matches the belt and necklaces. What really stunned me, if her usage of these tights and shoes! She made black and white striped tights, and paisley flower shoes match! 

Shes wearing..
LE Paperbag Waist skirt
Pretty N Love Button Down Blouse
Fudge Mustard Box Messanger
Bonjour Bisou Acacia Wedge Boots
Bonjour Bisou red Wedge Sandals
'Special Offer' Delicate stripe tights
Elle Belted Girly Tee
Miss Sixty Lorelie belt
LE Multi cross necklace
Fudge Peace Necklace
Tingling Multi Strand bead necklace

Here are some opinions from the other members of the Captured team

Pau.Cam.Arena:The outfit from i love green is so classy, but the skirt is not in the correct place, and the shirt doesnt fit correctly the skirt, and she's also wearing a lot of necklaces, Its not my favorite outfit, but I like it.
Aurelieke92:he manages to make the stripe stockings work, and the accessories and colors just seem to flow in a really unique way
kickherout: No opinion from her s:
Anastasiarts:I like it. The skirt is very beautiful and it goes well with the shirt. But I would chose a different bag and probably different tights.

Thats it for this Tuesday!

Until next time,

Adri/LovelyHula (:

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