Captured: ELEKTRA21

Hello beautiful dolls!

My name is Jeannette, you can find me in Stardoll as Pau.Cam.Arena
Today I'm starting in Captured team with my first post! I hope you like it!

First of all, I want to apologise for my big mistake, that some of you were dissapointed by this, so I decided to Re-Do my Captured outfit. I'm very sorry if you felt bad about what I did, but I wasn't ment to do that, sorry again :/

Well, anyways, I found another amazing outfit, her owner is ELEKTRA21, a girl from Moscow who loves Fine art, she's 17 and her name is Alinna
(She is not my friend, you can check the information in her presentation)

She's wearing:
Elle Modern blazer
Sonia Rykiel High waist jumpsuit
Miss Sixty Emerald platforms
Jewelry stuff
Agyness Hat
Smokey Makeup

Well, in my opinion, it's a very stylish outfit, she mixes some textures and colors, adding a fun touch with her green platforms, and the jewelry contrasts with the monochromatic color of her outfit; Her hair works well with her hat, and she opted for nude lips, just to not make the outfit so bold!
Although Sonia Rykiel and Elle are two of the most codiciated stores in Stardoll, you can also found this outfit in a cheaper way in Starplaza, so if you like the style, you should try it!
Her nails work well with her shoes and her accesories, for me she has a very great sense of fashion!

As this was an non-planned outfit, I don't have the opinion from the other team members, but when I have it I'll update this post so you can know what they think about this!

Aurelieke92 Said...
I find the doll more interesting than the outfit. But the outfit isn't bad either...I feel as if the grey overload actually works on her doll, and the use of a simple necklace with little color compliments the outfit. And those heels are just amazing.

Anastasiarts Said...
Wow I like it very much! It's very special, i love the jacket and the heels. It has the right amount of color from the accessories and the nails. I think it's almost perfect as it is, I wouldn't change a thing on it. Nice job :)

Kickherout Said...
I don't usually say that i'm a huge fan of harem pants, but i must admit that this outfit is very nice and even classy ! and I love the choice of the shoes which is absolutely clever and gives an edgy touch.

I hope you like it, let me know your opinion, I apologise for my mistake again! And maybe questions about my post?
I'll be pleased to answer you all!

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