Captured: Aggelaci

Hello everyone :)
Today I have something different from last time. I know most of you won't like it but I think it deserves to be here because it has something to say undoubtedly. Or that's what I believe...
Here we go, Aggelaci's outfit:

Her name is Alice and she is from Greece.

She is wearing:
Corset w/ suspenders - Fallen angel
Faux feathered bodice - tingeling
Faux hair scarf - fallen angel
Belt - bonjour bisou (x2)
Side draped satin skirt - other world
Sheer strip hem skirt - fallen angel (x3)
Heavy metal choker - Lanvin Paris tribute
Black veil headpiece - Killah
Leg tattoo - evil panda
Right arm sleeve tattoo - Evil Panda
Left arm sleeve tattoo - Evil Panda
Fingerless gloves - Miss Sixty


Pau.Cam.Arena: Oh, for me it's not a good outfit since she mixes a lot of textures and layers but, at least she's creative and the way she pulls all those black skirts to make a layered gown is admirable, maybe with a black skirt instead of purple it would look better, and a darker hair would look way much better because of her skintone. Her makeup is flawless!

LovelyHula: I can't say I like this, but I cant say I hate it either. It looks plastic.. Like the shading of it is off. But that's Stardolls mistake.. It's alright.. I would rate it a 5 or 6.

Aurelieke92: i love it! I just can't say anything else....I love it!

 Kickherout: I like how she did the dress. I'm actually not a big ruffle fanatic, but as a goth dress it's working well on her. I also salute how she matched it with the bibi hat and her make up. Well done, it's an impeccable taste!

Well, different opinions as you can see. 
So what do you think?? Is it your style? Tell me in comments ;)

Anastasia xx
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