Safer Internet 7th gift: Free Superstar Membership for 24Hours

Sorry about the late post.
Log in to your account and go to this link:

Once the page has loaded click on the Number 7, answer the question and click 'Answer'. You have to choose the RIGHT answer, otherwise you won't receive the starcoins. The correct answer is the second one:
Wait till this message appears: 

You should become a SS automatically for only 24 hours. 

P.S: This Stardoll offer is disappointing enough. This free SS membership would not be like the regular ones. For example, you won't be able to sell items in Starbazaar, you cannot send a broadcast, others cannot see you are a Superstar etc. So this free SS is too limited and I think it wasn't worth a whole week waiting for it.

-MKA-RC-lover :)
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