New Musuem Mile - Spring 2012 Exhibition


The New Museum Mile is based on Spring. Click HERE to go to the store.

Here are the 4 new levels:

The 3rd one is animated. 
The fourth one has two dresses and a hat hidden, just click the person in the middle and the person in the right of the painting. Click the person on the right's hat for the hat.

Here are the dresses:



Here is the hat:


Credit to the 3rd Anonymous comment.

And here are a few real versions or what Stardoll based this exhibit off of...
 [ click to enlarge ]


The Gleaners

Hymn of Life, Tulips
Yayoi Kusama

Angkor Wat

What do you think about the new Museum Mile? Better or worse than the first?
What pieces will you buy?

-Shay ; TwilightRosez

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