Natura Faces Neon Store

Apologies if I am late posting about this store, I meant to post it yesterday but I forgot...
Anyways, the Natura Faces Neon Store is only available in Brazil.
 If you are from Brazil, you can click HERE to go to the store in Starplaza.
If you are from anywhere else, you can click HERE to get all the items in your dressing room.
If you are from another place and wish to have the Starplaza set up of the store, then use the manual proxy below:

IP: Port: 8080

Web proxies will not work. 

Type in the URL:

Hit enter and log in. Then change the URL to:

Wait for the page to load and browse and buy as you want.

What do you think of the store, will you buy from it?

Please note, that we take no responsibility to any harm done to your account, computer, etc. from using these proxies. They are open to third party use. From the years I've been using manual proxies, I have never had any damage done to my computer or account, but I can not ensure your safety.

-Shay ; TwilightRosez
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